feed:// is the new http://

Remember when you actually had to type fully-formed URLs? There was the http:// bit to ensure you didn’t end up in a gopher hole. About gone is the conventional www.. And then there’s the shrinkage of domains to their smallest unique alphanumeric representation: google instead of google.com. Not to mention the the AOL Keywords-alike for the web baked into Firefox: type your query in the Address bar and you’ll be directed straight to the top Google hit, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

Combining nostalgia for the oh-so-1994 http:// with a cool tip by pal Duncan for using the otherwise barely-functional RSS reader in the Safari browser, I now routinely type feed:// (or feed: for short) where the http:// should be (e.g. feed:news.bbc.co.uk) and jump straight to a nice Table of Contents for any site sporting an auto-discoverable RSS or Atom feed. Despite all but living inside Firefox, Safari serves is put to good use as a quick website summarizer–and it even works from the Firefox address bar.