OSCON: Top Tutorials

Tutorial signups for OSCON are a great measure of what’s hot in Open Source. In fact, I used that as the basis of my talk at WWDC at the start of June. Derrick, who organized the WWDC sessions in which I participated, reminded me that other people would like to know. So here for your viewing pleasure, are the top ten tutorials at OSCON:

  1. Learning Ajax
  2. Perl Best Practices
  3. Ruby on Rails: Enjoying the Ride of Programming
  4. Perl Best Object Oriented Practices
  5. Scalable Internet Architectures
  6. Creating Passionate Users
  7. XUL: The Future of User-interfaces on the Web
  8. Introduction to Ruby
  9. Subversion
  10. PHP Security

Here at Supernova 2005, I’m experiencing Long Tail overload, so I have to point out that OSCON tutorials has riches of niches by covering specific needs like Inner Working of SQLite (by the author of SQLite), Making IT Department More User-Friendly, and Apache Derby. See you there!