The NY Times Gets into the Blog Spirit

Today’s New York Times’ What’s Online column, by Dan Mitchell, contains this nice little tidbit:

OH, WE HAVE A BLOG? Red Hat Software, the Linux distributor, may have had big things in mind when it started its set of blogs six months ago. But one of them, the Red Hat Executives Blog, contains just three entries: two in January and one in May.

Snarky, snarky, snarky! But correct, as of this writing. The rest of the column snarks against blogs in every entry: Mark Cuban’s blog uses the word ‘I’ too much; Julie Hilden’s writing describes a journalist as “a blogger who happened to attend college”; and all those dodgy Internet analysts have found a new home in the blogging world. These ‘blogs’ must be quite threatening, for the Times to devote a whole column to slamming them! Of course, at least Red Hat has a blog — search for ‘blog’ on and you’ll find they publish none but (O’Reilly author) David Pogue’s Posts. The search engine does provide this helpful tip, though: “Did you intend to search for bog?”