Netflix's take on "s**t happens"

You know, sometimes mail (of the snail variety) does indeed go missing. S**t happens. And such s**t must happen regularly to Netflix. Being very much a virtual being, it doesn’t happen to me all that often. So when one of my recent rentals never made its way to Netflix, I gritted my teeth and clicked the “Report a problem” button, expecting s**t to the tune of about $17 to happen to me pretty darn quick. Instead, a moment later I was assured that “no further action [was] needed” and that these things happen, closely followed by a reassuring note via email:

We’re sorry to hear that *** was lost in the mail. Unfortunately discs do go missing during shipment from time to time, so it is our policy to accommodate for the occasional disc lost during shipment. According to our records, you have reported the following disc(s) as lost in the mail:

Date Reported Title

10/09/05 ***

If we receive any of these movie(s) from the post office, we’ll let you know as soon as they arrive.

If you’ve requested a replacement copy, it will be shipped to you as soon as possible, otherwise, your next movie should be on its way soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

-The Netflix Team

Try _that_ at your local video store!

  • I have had this happen at least two different times in the three years of using Netflix. There is a sense of trust in the customer and as I am that customer… I am a loyal customer. No late fees… No questions asked… what…is…the…catch?

    Oh, I know. I keep dishing out almost $20/month for their service and tell all my friends.

  • Anon

    I always had good experience with Blockbuster Online when a disc was MIA in MAIL.

  • As a new Netflix customer, I am very happy to hear about this. So far I am happy with the service and don’t regret signing up!

  • I was amazed at how good Blockbuster online was about the whole thing when I never received a DVD. Not only did they resend it, they also sent the next DVD on my queue so that my “service would not be interrupted”. I ended up with 4 DVDs at once instead of the 3 I pay for.

  • That’s been my experience with Netflix as well. We once received a disc several days late. It had apparently been put through a lawn mower, because it was completely mangled and shattered. We reported it to Netflix and received a similarly human response. Gee, treat your customers like responsible people, and they’ll become not only loyal customers, but evangelists. It’s not exactly a secret formula, but somehow it still escapes most companies.

  • Toby,

    Blockbuster censors their movies though…

  • Christine

    That’s been my experience with Netflix as well. They just keep an eye on you to make sure you’re not “loosing” discs every month. Too many go MIA and then they start charging you. Love the way they treat their customers and the selection is great.

  • nefer

    Robby Russel,
    Blockbuster does not censor movies. you are talking about ten years ago. right now blockbuster has a better selection of foriegn, WS and directors cut filkms than Netflix does.

    If anything Netflix “censors movies” more than Blockbuster since they are more likely to send you a disk stripped of extra features (the infamous “gray disks”) which are special made for them and which they get cheaper than the real disk. Blockbuster doesn’t need to do this since they have a secondary market selling disks that drop in demand after release.

  • I think it’s been their policy for years. I shared a mailbox with some girl in college (I only knew her name from sorting our mail out) and she had a couple X-Files discs sitting in there for a couple months. I’m sure the discs were reported, or assumed to be, missing. I think she must have been missing too because she never checked her mail.

  • Joe

    You might to check out Gameznflix. Lowest price Movie and Game rental thru mail. Looks pretty good. They just partnered with Circuit City. I love the convenience of mail deliveries.

  • Marilyn Sacra

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