Using Half Life 2 in Academia

On the O’Reilly editors list, Brian Jepson pointed to a Microsoft Research podcast on using Half Life 2 for unexpected purposes. The talk description:


“Valve Software, makers of the wildly popular Half-Life series of video
games, will present an overview of the Source engine used in the
development of Half-Life 2 and explain how you can use this engine
within your classroom experience to teach video game development
concepts. The talk includes a brief history of the mod scene and how it
grew during Half-Life’s lifetime, a tour and explanation of the primary
technical features and tools Valve developed for Half-Life, and an
overview of academic licensing for Half-Life 2 and Visual C++.”

Brian wrote:

There’s some really
cool stuff in here on using the Half-Life 2 Source engine to create

When someone asks (at 11:41) about visualization for life sciences, I
love the answer “the difference between a gun and a gene is just the
number of polygons and the intention.” That belongs on a t-shirt.