Links: Nov 2, 2005

Collection of linky goodness:

  • Boston HyperMap Atlas–interesting demo of the StrataVarious map system, built on top of Google Maps. It’s a fun little tourist map of landmarks around Boston, with some interesting UI gimmicks.
  • KMaps–a platform built on Google Maps, including mobile devices such as Blackberry and Treo.
  • mighTyV–winner of the BBC Backstage contest. Social TV app, with hooks to EyeTV. By the ever-wonderful Mr Brocard with Leo Lapworth.
  • Where–a mobile location service from one of the speakers at our similarly-named Where 2.0 conference. SMS LBS goodness. It makes me wonder how much uptake Google SMS has versus other SMS-based local search. I’d love to see figures on this.
  • Riya–face recognition to automatically describe pictures. Clever! I’d hoped Google would be first out with this–it’d be a natural combination of their PhD hiring and Picasa acquisition.
  • Shadows–is annotation the killer app for these social bookmarking sites? I’m skeptical. Compare Raw Sugar, Wink, et al.
  • Sphere–very nice blog search. Technorati finds more. I wonder how all the blog search tools compare: some index only feeds, others parse HTML. I haven’t found a table that breaks down all of them along the different axes, but I’d love to read such a comparison.
  • Connexions–CC-licensed academic materials with tools. Appears to want to be like James Burke‘s Connections, which will soon be realized in the K-Web project.
  • Kaboodle–interesting link packaging take on social bookmarking. I like the idea of links collected by a task or theme. It’s not just “this is a good link” but also “this is a good link for …”.
  • Kids and Hacking–the conversation continues.