Links: Nov 7, 2005

Holy links, Batman!

  • Video content accompanying Halo 2 Hacks–up on the servers. Congrats to Brian Jepson and Stephen Cawood (author of Halo 2 Hacks).
  • Getting Things Done With Yahoo!–nice writeup of building your GTD system around Yahoo!’s services.
  • Google Maps on Cellphone–downloadable Java app.
  • The Paul API–Paul Kedrosky lets both barrels rip against people who leave out key features and say “the community will build it with our API”. [via]
  • BBC story on EuroOSCON–I was in such awe. The BBC! At my conference! I’m all a-flutter!
  • Unlimited Printable Calendars–lightweight and very useful. [via]
  • The MP3 Experiment 2.0–big game where participants get instructions through their MP3 players. Clever idea, and a lot of fun. Don’t miss 1.0. [via]
  • BitTorrent for Dummies–emphasizes legal uses. Written by the author of “Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies”. [via]
  • Follow-Me Phoning: Proximity Detection–very clever. The Asterisk box detects your Bluetooth phone/handset, and if it can’t see your devices, then it assumes you’re roaming and forwards your office extension to your phone.
  • The Future of Media–monetize this, monetize that, slap ads on everything, and call it a business model. I prefer microsubscriptions because the first act of remix that ever happens is to remove the ads in the original content. [via]
  • Don’t blame the online mappers–journalist explains how TeleAtlas gathers its data.
  • Public Betas Risk All our Data–great advice for beta programs: don’t run them on the same domain as the current production service. That way security bugs in the beta can’t be used to exploit the rest of the service. Also, teach your engineers about cross-site scripting attacks.
  • Voicemail Transcription–VoIP connects users to human web services like transcription. Someone must have a web service for submitting MP3/AIFF or a live SIP connection, and getting back a transcription later that day? It’d be phenomenal for meetings: patch the call through to the transcription service and get a txt file back. You could even use the VoIP conference to better identify who said which words.
  • Linux troubles for Novell–fingers crossed for all the Novell engineers I know. Layoffs are teh suck.
  • Opening Doors and Smashing Windows [PDF]– rundown of alternative funding strategies for open source software. I’m not sure I’m ready to be part of a “Corps”.
  • Holiday Design Suggestions–must-have features on e-commerce sites. Great stuff. It makes me want to buy Jason’s book.
  • Bioconductor–open source bioinformatics visualizations. Pretty pretty pictures. [via]