All's quiet on the tag front


As you may have noticed, the O’Reilly Radar’s tag cloud (there’s a summary version in the right-hand sidebar on the front page as well as a full cloud view) reflects tag usage on two axes: popularity (sheer number of times applied to posts) as size and recency (when last was the tag applied to a post) as colour density.

I was thrilled to notice this morning (January 3rd) that the cloud has all but faded into the background: a wispy grey of quietude. The full cloud view shows only the barest whiff of blue for “wisdom of crowds”, “markets”, and “prediction” resulting from the story I posted just before this one.

While this may not mean much to you, dear readers, it does signify that the we Radar bloggers appear (if blogging’s anything to go by) to have spent a relaxing week or so offline (or at least in read-only mode). Good on us!