Yahoo! Open Sources UIs and Design Patterns

Kudos to Yahoo!, who today released two pieces of goodness into the commons. The first is their UI library, and the second is their Design Patterns Library. The UI Library is a collection of DHTML/Ajax/Javascript (pick your favourite term) controls and widgets. The Design Patterns Library is “intended to provide
Web designers prescriptive guidance to help solve common design problems
on the Web”. I swear I didn’t know they were going to do this when I wrote “I’d like to see some HIGs for Ajax interfaces” yesterday, but boy am I impressed! Best of all, Yahoo! gets open source licenses: the UI library is BSD and the Design Pattern library is Creative Commons Attribution 2.5.

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  • I saw this pointed out elsewhere and I’m already using their pretty and easy calendar widget :-)

    Very much kudos to Yahoo!

  • Awesome! Please post to the group at and let us know how and where you’re using it!

  • Great Job! Yahoo may decide to release them because they will be opened in web page at last. Nevertheless they took a trouble to make a documentation them. Also they consider accessiblity problems on Ajax interfaces.

  • Great job and great decision to share some cool widgets! Hope for good support as well.

  • I also recommend checking out the Yahoo! User Interface Blog and subscribing to the RSS feeds there.

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