Come Out and Play

Come Out and Play, a street games festival. is looking to host 15 big games. They have already signed on the creators of PacManhattan, I Love Bees, Big Urban Game, and Payphone Warriors to contribute games. It is going to be held in NYC from 9/22-24. The organizers’ pitch really makes me want to attend:

In the last few years, there has been an explosion of street play, from mixed-reality games that combine the virtual and real to big games that transform cities into gameboards to the time-honored traditions of stickball and scavenger hunts. Collectively, we call these big games or street games, games that transform public spaces, games that you play in the real-world.
Too often, street games are only discovered after they’ve finished. Come Out & Play is an opportunity for you to experience these games for yourselves.

Found via Clickable Culture