Google News Alphabet

When Google Suggest first came out one of my favorite pieces of commentary I saw was Erik Benson’s Google Suggests alphabet in 2004. Now that News Suggest has come out it seemed like a fun exercise to compare the two alphabets. The first term is from News, the second is from Web.

A – american idol; amazon
B – britney spears; bbc
C – colbert; currency converter
D – duke lacrosse; dictionary
E – ethanol; ebay
F – fox news; firefox
G – google; gmail
H – heather locklear; hotmail
I – iran; ikea
J – jessica simpson; jokes
K – keith richards; kelly blue book
L – lakers; lyrics
M – Marcus vick; mapquest
N – nfl draft; news
O – oakland raiders; orbitz
P – puerto rico; paris hilton
Q – qatar; quotes
R – rush limbaugh; ryanair
S – stephen colbert; spybot
T – taylor university crash; target
U – united 93; ups
V – vince young; valentines day
W – white house correspondents dinner; weather
X – xbox 360; xbox
Y – yahoo; yahoo
Z – zimbabwe; zip codes