Google News Alphabet

When Google Suggest first came out one of my favorite pieces of commentary I saw was Erik Benson’s Google Suggests alphabet in 2004. Now that News Suggest has come out it seemed like a fun exercise to compare the two alphabets. The first term is from News, the second is from Web.

A – american idol; amazon
B – britney spears; bbc
C – colbert; currency converter
D – duke lacrosse; dictionary
E – ethanol; ebay
F – fox news; firefox
G – google; gmail
H – heather locklear; hotmail
I – iran; ikea
J – jessica simpson; jokes
K – keith richards; kelly blue book
L – lakers; lyrics
M – Marcus vick; mapquest
N – nfl draft; news
O – oakland raiders; orbitz
P – puerto rico; paris hilton
Q – qatar; quotes
R – rush limbaugh; ryanair
S – stephen colbert; spybot
T – taylor university crash; target
U – united 93; ups
V – vince young; valentines day
W – white house correspondents dinner; weather
X – xbox 360; xbox
Y – yahoo; yahoo
Z – zimbabwe; zip codes

  • It’s worth noting that the “News Alphabet” is likely to change much faster than “Search Alphabet”. Comparing current search alphabet to that of 2004 shows many letters have the same query on top: firefox, dictionary, paris hilton…

  • I think the topics suggested change daily. For example, Colbert is very popular these days.

  • Joe H

    It’s interesting to compare this to Alltheweb’s version of this, which is powered by Yahoo.

    Notably, Google’s #1 results don’t include MySpace and Facebook…..

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