The Proverbs get around

I was gratified to hear from so many people about the Entrepreneurial Proverbs piece — it really seemed to hit a nerve (uh, in a good way). One of those people was Todd Lappin at Business 2.0, who asked to include one of the proverbs (the one about user testing) in their June cover story, How to build a bulletproof startup. Thanks much to Todd and the others at Business 2.0 for including me in the piece. I agree with David that much of the advice seems geared towards older-style startups, and that many of the successful startups we write about on Radar don’t seem to fit most of the article’s recommendations. If I have time next week, I’m hoping to write up a longer reaction to the article, focusing on advice I would give to someone who came to me with the plan laid out in the article, and what I would do differently. There are definitely some good ideas in the piece, but there are also some things I would strongly advise against.

Being in Business 2.0 was flattering enough, but I was even more, uh, amazed, to see the Proverbs make it into The Village Voice. Didn’t you see it? Oh, you have to scroll down to the “Gemini” listing. Yes, the piece was referenced in the horoscope section of the Voice — not exactly how I would have hoped to make it into the U.S.’s leading free weekly newspaper. But who’s complaining? I guess this goes to show that Wisdom McNuggets travel well — even to the stars!