Workware Instead of Shareware?

There’s an interesting suggestion over on bitporters media, about how Amazon’s Mechanical Turk could be used to create a new form of shareware:

Think AMT + Adsense or “AMTSense” as I will call it through out the rest of this post…. AMT at the core is a WEB SERVICE, so why not add features to the API that allow users to submit HIT’s directly from desktop programs. You’ve heard of SHAREWARE, what about the concept of WORKWARE (people perform a few micro tasks in your name to pay for the right to use it). I see this concept changing the business model of anything from file download sites to the independent game industry / open source community.

Since I picked up this link from Amazon’s Web Services blog, they are paying attention, and might well do this if there is sufficient demand. So if you like the idea, let them know.