Meebo Hitting Milestones


Meebo is a web-based IM site (see my post & Nat’s post). They provide web access to your MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk/Jabber, and AIM accounts on their slick web interface. The map above shows the users on Meebo on Tuesday night. It’s a powerful image showing just how popular Meebo has become around the world.

Meebo just had their 500,000th account created (congratulations). You don’t actually need an account to use Meebo, but if you do sign-up they do provide account storage and the relatively new ability to use the Meebo Me, their chat widget. To celebrate the event they revealed some of their user metrics.

How many times do people login every single day? 950,000!! You may ask how many of those are “unique?” About 670,000. It turns out most of you happen to log in about 1.4 times per day. Oh, and here’s another interesting one… how many network accounts do you all log in with on average? Also 1.4…which means 1.35 million network ID are logged in daily.

Over 3.5 million unique individuals log into meebo every month, and on a daily basis you’re all sending and receiving a mere 57,000,000 messages. If you aggregate all of the time everyone spends in meebo on a daily basis? 64,000,000 minutes which calculates to approximately 122 years! WOW! (click here to see a graph) It turns out you’re all sending and receiving a message just about once/minute, and you’re staying on meebo an average of 70 minutes/session.

They also revealed some figures about the two-month old Meebo Me, a chat widget for personal websites such as blogs and MySpace pages. They’ve been installed on 42,000 websites and served to over 6 million unique users. Those are some incredible numbers.

I’ve embedded a Meebo Me widget in this post. It should be an interesting experiment. If you have a thought about Meebo (or anything else) say “Hi”; I’ll be online a lot.

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