Diebold seizes the high moral ground

Diebold is all mad at HBO for telling everyone how incompetent they are:

A letter sent to HBO from Diebold’s president David Byrd said the film “contains significant factual errors and does not meet HBO standards for accuracy and fairness.” The errors were “so egregious” that HBO should pull the documentary […]

Yeah, okay. I agree that errors which are “so egregious” should cause the maker of those errors to pull the erroneous products. Let’s start with Diebold’s products, and then we can start talking about HBO — which, I suspect, probably understated the case against Diebold, not overstated it.

Diebold gets my “Unbelievable Gall Award” for November. I’m pretty confident that I can declare a winner on this, the first of the month.

Update: In the comments rhandir points out this Techdirt article on the complaint. It just gets better.