Platial Releases Distributed Maps


Platial, a community-based geotagging and mapmaking site, has released a mapping widget called Mapkit. Mapkit allows you to easily add a Platial map to your website and allows you and your site’s visitors to add places and annotate them. The maps will be ad-supported.

Getting the maps is simple. They require the hosting URL, a title, a Platial login and a starting location (for the map to be centered). To keep the process flowing smoothly they will register your Google Maps key. Finally, you are given the code and it can be pasted into any page that accepts JavaScript. Customization tools and bulk location imports via text files are available. Once they are on your site your users can start manipulating your map, add points, and blog about locations.

Making rich interactive map interfaces this easy to distribute will bringing geotagging even closer to the MySpace masses. Having access to simple mapping is what has made sites like Platial and Frappr as popular as they are, but the thing had always been missing is the ability to easily have an interactive map on your own page. This is smart for Platial. The data entered on these disparate sites will end up back in its databases. It will also greatly increase their ad inventory.

Update: PT showed me how someone has used Platial’s maps to show where all of the Maker shops are. Enjoy!