Fast Forward: December 14th, 2006

  • I’m very glad that Jason Kottke is continuing his war on multiple-page articles. I’ll pile on and say, does any advertiser really take readership numbers seriously from sites that do auto refresh (when the page forces a reload a few minutes after you load it)? Yahoo! News Most Popular, for instance, refreshes every five minutes. I remember when that started, and people said it was to make sure you always had “the freshest news”; I don’t think I need five minute updates on which articles are the most emailed right now. I’d much rather be allowed to leave that tab open while I read its articles, and not have to search around for what changed when I go back. If you think I’m seeing your ad on that page while I’m spending 10 minutes on another tab, I’m not.
  • Hillel Cooperman, who I’ve covered on Radar before, recently started his own software development shop, Jackson Fish Market. He’s just posted a note saying that he’s looking for people to help out. I don’t know what he’s doing, but if I were free and living in Seattle, I’d be calling him.
  • My friend Freeman Murray took a line from one of my posts and ran with it. I like what he wrote — this is the summary of his talk for the BarCampPune in India this weekend. Go Freeman!