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Chumby in the Sydney Morning Herald

Saul Griffith is at home down under for the holidays, and sent a note that Chumby topped the Sydney Morning Herald's list of Ten Things That Will Change Your Future. The SMH also called out Twitter, Everyblock, 23andme, kiva, meraki, smart mobs, the World Community Grid, loopt, and the OLPC. It's an impressive list for a mainstream paper. They…

More on the Virtual Reality Audio Headset

A few weeks ago, I posted an entry entitled The Future of Cell Phone Headsets. David Battino wrote a few days to let me know that Peter Drescher, the author of the article that sparked that entry, just published a follow-up article describing the potential hardware in his imagined virtual reality headset in more detail. He includes more application scenarios…

Fast Forward for December 29th, 2007

I would buy more music if my iPhone held more music. I wonder how much demand is suppressed only by device capacity. I can't believe Leno and company aren't turning to the Internet for jokes. A little Digg-style interface for submitted jokes and an on-air namecheck and away you go. Submit ten jokes that get used on the air…

Trading for their own account

I promised recently to publish more of my reflections on what I've learned from studying the parallels between Web 2.0 and financial markets, one of the real wake-up calls was the way that Wall Street firms moved from being brokers to being active players "trading for their own account." Ever since I heard Bill Janeway point out that over…

Scientific Literacy a Qualification for Office?

Brad Feld pointed to a Wall Street Journal op-ed from a couple of weeks ago entitled Science and the Candidates, which suggests the need for a presidential debate focusing on science and technology: Almost all of the major challenges we will face as a nation in this new century, from the environment, national security and economic competitiveness to energy strategies,…

Privacy 2007: Hiding in the Crowd

Each year I pick out a pressing topic in Internet policy and write a
year-end article summarizing trends in that area for an online
newspaper called the
American Reporter.
It has just published my article
“Privacy 2007: Hiding in the Crowd,”
which may interest Radar readers although it was aimed at more of a
lay audience. I also gave the article a more

permanent URL

Use InternetSAR To Find Ron Boychuk and Others

Ron Boychuk disappeared on October 23, 2007 while flying to Vancouver. His family is still searching for him and his plane to find out what happened. Digital Globe (an imagery company and frequent Where 2.0 participant) has donated imagery to the cause (Radar post). A new site, InternetSAR (internet Search and Rescue), is being used to conduct the search….

Visualization of names and words used by Presidential candidates

The New York Times has a really interesting Circos/Clusterball style visualization of the names used by US presidential candidates to refer to opponents in the debates preceding the Iowa caucuses. (Link) A graph of common words used by candidates in the debates is available as well: Link (via information aesthetics & visualmethods.blogspot.com)…

The future is almost here, but the demo has been here for a while now

Forbes and others are reporting that Apple has applied for a patent for "a wireless system that would allow customers to place an order at a store using a wireless device such as a media player, a wireless personal digital assistant or a cellphone. The system could go far beyond the program that Apple announced with Starbucks in September, which…

Nominate Someone for the EFF Pioneer Awards

Every year since 1992 the EFF has awarded people who fight for liberty online or create associated technology. These people are known as Pioneers. Past honorees include Cory Doctorow, Bruce Schneier, Craigslist, Anita Borg, and "Librarians Everywhere". The awards will be given out at a ceremony on March 4th at ETech. Michael Robertson, founder of MP3.com, SIPphone.com, Linspire, and…