Amazon S3 is everywhere

Seems to me that everywhere I turn, I’m hearing about someone doing something cool with Amazon S3. Here’s a collection of some of the things I’ve noticed.

How great is that? I wonder if the economics of S3 will change substantially over time — are we getting the “free shipping” price now, and will prices go up later, or is this how it will stay? But for now, at least, there’s a lot of energy around S3, and I like it.

  • We use Amazon S3 to host and serve files and BitTorrent at Podcast Spot too!

  • If anything, I expect S3 rates to fall over time as they reap greater economies of scale, and as bandwidth and storage drops in price.

    We use S3 at, and I’ve got nothing but good things to say about it. It’s a budget solution that scales like crazy: not something you see every day!

    More of my muzings on s3 can be found by following the name link.

  • S3 is certainly the way to go. Hanzo use S3 (and EC2, SQS) on Hanzoweb, our social web archiving service at and we’ve released a bunch of Python S3 tools too.

    Try it out.


  • Hanzo’s S3 tools are described here… and can be downloaded here…

  • What about a simple interface for FTPing files on Amazon S3? Does one exist? I just want to put screen casts on there and serve them with a simple call from the website.

  • I use S3 and the Ruby s33r library for authenticated downloads at PeepCode Screencasts. It was super simple to use and hooked right into my database model.

  • Peep … thanks for the pointer, but I’m looking for something that allows a simple FTP. I don’t know Ruby, PHP, etc. I do know how to FTP and then display a screencast on my Drupal site.

  • Sergey

    With all my hard work, I really hoped that you would mention S3 Backup as notable too. But it’s not available on Mac OS X YET, so can’t blame you :)

  • No offense intended, Sergey. Nice to see that you’re using wx.

  • Jan

    If you are looking for an easy way to manage your S3 accounts, please have a look at

  • I have found the information in this article as well as what Jeff Atwood

    wrote about on his site to be very compelling in convincing me to take the plunge and sign up for the S3 service.

    I kind of like the fact that all of my data storage is now on one site that is costing me little or nothing to host.

  • You have S3 tools that can run in browser too. For instance you can manage S3 bucket with JS3Explorer: