2008 Presidential Technology Race: Who's Using What?

Tim O’Brien wrote:

“The web site is the new campaign handshake, and I was curious to see what technologies were powering candidate web sites. Whoever puts these sites together has to choose a site that can be developed quickly and can handle intense bursts of traffic, so while you might think this is irrelevant, it tells you a little bit about what technology that the experts trust. And, it is also interesting, because this is one of the only statements that a candidate makes without even knowing about it. McCain doesn’t know ASP.NET from Dodd’s J2EE, but to us it’s interesting. Read on for a table of results…”

Among the headlines:

  • “Linux and Apache are Presidential Material”
  • “Urchin for President in 2008”
  • “Who’s Hip to Video?”
  • “Waiting for a Rails candidate?”

And Tim added in email: “And, this weekend, I cooked up this basic Rails mashup: presidentfeed.com. I’m adding the ability to login and “cast your vote”. Was going to have a page that tracked the technology of each of those sites similar to the previous post (which is a little out dated… these politicians are fast moving technologists – especially Obama)”

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