Minimal Perl #1 in Amazon programming titles

After a Slashdot review posted this week, Tim Maher’s Minimal Perl shot up to #1 in Amazon’s rankings for computer programming. It’s still at #440 in Amazon’s overall sales ranking for books. It’s good to know a Perl book can still top the charts.

  • Kevin Curry

    Over at the ACM portal, C++, Java, and C have held the top three course spots for years. (I continue to be surprised that C++ holds steady at #1.) What do you think this says, if anything, about what ACM members consider to be important languages, versus what is popular on Amazon?

  • @Kevin, another question is “What does this say, if anything, about the relevance of the ACM to the wider pool of developers?”

  • Kevin Curry

    Indeed. And back to the spirit of the post…a notable showing for a little ol’ programming language book.