Tools of Change for Publishing

Registration is now open for our Tools of Change for Publishing Conference. The conference will be held June 18-20 in San Jose. (We’re holding the conference in San Jose rather than New York, because we believe that the future of publishing is being shaped in Silicon Valley.)

I wrote previously about why we launched this conference. Publishing really is at a crossroads, and is being reinvented as we speak. The old ways are dying (see for example, how the LA Times is discontinuing its book review section), but publishing itself is alive and well.

Publishing isn’t about putting ink on paper, and moving blocks of said paper through warehouses to readers. It’s about knowledge dissemination, learning, entertainment, codification of subject authority — the real jobs that authors and publishers do for readers. There are many people who are rethinking those jobs as they are being performed today, in the age of the internet.

Our goal is to bring together people who are pushing the boundaries of publishing and those who want to learn from them, and to provide a table of contents (TOC), so to speak, on what modern publishers need to know. Our speakers will include forward-thinking, innovative publishers who’ve learned to surf the new waves, technology innovators who are reinventing publishing for the internet medium, and technology providers who are looking to help with the task of transformation.