Chaos Communication Camp call for participation

Paul Böhm wrote in email: “We’ve just launched the final call for papers for the Chaos
Communication Camp 2007 to be held near Berlin this August. The CCC is already well known in security circles worldwide, but for
this year’s camp we want to make it clear to everyone that we’re a
camp not only for hackers, but also for builders and makers. Thus i’m presenting to you our final call for papers in the hope
you’ll mention it on your website.”

I find it fascinating that the CCC sees the connection to what we’re doing with Make. It’s one more important sign that the hacking frontier is increasingly focused on the intersection of computing and the physical world.

Here’s a bit more information that Paul sent me:

The Chaos Communication Camp is an international, five-day open-air
event for hackers, builders, and makers organized by the Chaos
Computer Club (CCC). The camp provides a relaxed atmosphere for free
exchange of technical, social, and political ideas. Discuss, sunbathe,
and enjoy camping with some of the most interesting people you might
ever meet. And all that with internet, power, an abundance of weird
self-made gadgets, and people willing to explain them to you, right
next to your tent.

The Camp area is themed as a starship launch site and will be splitted
into various thematic villages organized by participating groups from
all over the world. Have a look at the incredible new location, right
next to an old Russian military airfield (we’ll launch drones and UFOs
– no kidding!). All this together with vintage MiG fighter planes the
Soviet airforce left there when they left East Germany, and
helicopters, oh my!

Two huge main hangars (for 400 people each) will feature conference
tracks with lectures and presentations, while workshops will take
place in a central workshop area and in the various villages. To get a
first glimpse of what to expect have a look at our self-organizing
participants in the Camp Wiki

Sounds like fun. I wish I didn’t already have such a full travel schedule. This reminds me of one of my off-hour brainstorms, that we ought to start a travel agency for “Maker Holidays.” (Or Hacker Holidays.)