"I have in my hand a list of 206 known communists at the State Department"

Does Microsoft’s claim that Free and Open Source Software infringes on 235 Microsoft patents remind anyone of Joseph McCarthy’s famous claim about communists at the State Department? Whether or not it’s true, citing such a number without providing any detail is such a classic FUD move that, to me at least, it just makes Microsoft look ridiculous. More recently, it’s reminiscent of the bluster of the SCO case against IBM.

I’ve been holding off posting, since my analogy verges on a violation of Godwin’s law, but as the drumbeat continues, I couldn’t help myself.

I say, “Put up or shut up.” If you want to sue, go ahead and sue. But don’t bluster about it. I like Brad Smith. He’s a smart guy. And maybe this will help worry some corporate customers. But frankly, this flawed PR ploy smacks of desperation to me.