Satisfaction on the Digg Revolt

I’ve really been liking the blog over at Satisfaction, the as-yet-unlaunched new company from Adaptive Path veteran Lane Becker and others. I liked what they had to say today about the Digg Revolt:

Beware of business decisions that masquerade as legal issues. You’ll be tempted to defer to your lawyer’s advice. And it’s a good bet your lawyer’s instincts will be wrong when it comes to fostering open, two-way dialog with your customers. It’s more likely they’ll enmesh you in a battle of wills with the very people you depend on to grow your business.

Whatever the “right” decision was for Digg regarding whether or not to delete the offending post, Digg knows it is nothing without its passionate and participating members. The enlightened path should have been obvious to them: be completely transparent with users from the beginning.

I’ve subscribed — and am looking forward to seeing what they’ve built to help companies with these questions.