TOC Speakers in the News

Tools of Change is a mere three weeks away, and Chris Anderson has just announced his new startup,, which he’ll be presenting at TOC on June 19. A smart author and marketer, Chris has hit on an idea to help authors promote themselves–one that could become an important force in publishing.

Speaking of forces in the sector, Brian Murray was promoted last week from group president to president of HarperCollins worldwide. A leader of change in publishing, Brian’s keynote at TOC will focus on how his team has been able to alter its longstanding course. Change is hard; this talk should be juicy.

In other late-breaking news, we’ve added a couple of cool sessions to the TOC program. Tim will be interviewing Google about the future of search and how changes in that industry could affect the publishing sector. Amazon will be moderating a panel on POD as a supply-chain option for publishers. And Rob Flickenger and Asheesh Birla will share secrets for success in wiki publishing–an appealing but tricky medium.