Ignite Talks at Biznik's Seattle Bizjam This Saturday


Biznik is a local Seattle social-network that is geared towards independent business-owners. Biznik’s slogan says it all: “Radical Self-Promotion”. It currently has almost 3500 members who are helping each other achieve their business goals. This is done by holding seminars for each other and through referrals.

This Saturday Biznik is having its first-ever conference, the Seattle Bizjam. It look like its going to be a really good and useful time. Scott Berkun is going to be keynoting Saturday morning on the Myths of Innovation (An O’Reilly book that I haven’t read yet, but looks really good). I am going to be on a panel with Shelly Farham and Mike Arcuri discussing How to Take Advantage of Tech Trends. The other day sessions range from Radical Accounting, Networking Strategies, and Start-Up Legal Strategies.

Bizjam also has an evening event where I’ll be running an hour-long set of Ignite talks. There will be ten of the five-minute, twenty slide talks. The slate of talks includes Unlocking Your Inner Geek, Learn to Love What You Do Again, and Working with the Post Office. Later in the evening there’s going to be a member-run fashion show, an aerialist, and DJs. Hope to see you there.