Meraki's Solar WiFi Repeater

meraki solar kit

Later this summer Meraki is releasing an outdoor WiFI repeater. They are also releasing a solar accessory kit that will enable to the repeater to hum along without being hooked up to an electric outlet. Cool.

The repeater will send out WiFi signals 700 ft. The repeater and solar kit combo will cost just under $150. Meraki shares these details in their announcement:

The Meraki Outdoor is an indoor/outdoor repeater that supports high gain and directional antennas and works with other Meraki repeaters to create robust networks. Features include:

* – Unique industrial design (weatherproof plastics, easy to mount)

* – Dual SSID supports public and private networks on the same connection

* – Long-range support (400-700 ft; 6-18 miles with antenna)

* – 2 x 100Mbit Ethernet ports

* – Low-cost: $99

The Meraki Solar accessory kit enables consumers to power their outdoor Wi-Fi with solar energy and is ideal for rural or urban settings.

* – First solar repeater for the consumer market

* – Regulates its own energy usage, providing up to 3x energy efficiency

* – Pricing will be set this summer but the Meraki Solar will clearly be the most affordable option on the market

This is a great thing for communities. I’m able to share with next-door neighbors very easily but much further away my signal dies. I am looking forward to trying it out. It would make using services like Speakeasy’s Netshare that much easier.

[via Gizmodo]