Pixelodeon Film Festival in LA

Reader Michael Lambie wrote in to tell us about the Pixelodeon Festival this weekend in LA. He wrote:

Although it’s being billed as a community sharing event I know there a fair amount of people both old and new media heading down to start up some convos to strike up some deals. old media agents, directors and studio hats are looking to fuel some new media growth. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some placement & sponsorship deals as well as content & talent aquisitions. I imagine it to be a mashup of televisions upfronts, the super bowl, and the 90’s version of sundance in a bite-size portion.

There’s definitely some new action happening in Hollywood, with established players paying attention to the new technology. And it’s not just going to be deals with high profile players like Joost. The smart people in Hollywood are paying attention to the bottom up kind of action that’s going to be on display at Pixelodeon.