The iPhone box office

The iPhone and Ratatouille are opening on the same day (tomorrow, if you haven’t heard) here in the U.S. Ratatouille currently has a 93 on Metacritic; the iPhone lags behind that a bit, with a 73.75 on Valleywag. First showing of the iPhone is 6:00 PM; Ratatouille shows as early as 10:30 AM in San Francisco (with a midnight showing tonight, as well).

I wonder what the opening box office will be? Apple would have to sell 117,643 of the higher-priced ($599) iPhones to beat the opening weekend box office of The Incredibles ($70,467,623) — that seems possible. Will the iPhone open bigger than Ratatouille? Only one of them has line-ups.

It’s a classic Hollywood Launch — but inverted, since the iPhone’s marketing is far better than Ratatouille’s (“rat-a-too-ee” — ugh). You could say the only thing missing are the movie stars, but then, the iPhone doesn’t have any, either.

  • iPhone indeed needs no movie stars.
    That is why I dismiss talks about iPhone’s price to be too high.
    From my point of view, even though surveys indicate that only 3% of US internet users are highly interested in buying the iPhone, iPhone’s early adopters have the right profile to set the trend (“).
    Others will follow to be perceived as those who can buy an iPhone. The iPhone brand is not about pricing as it is about perceptions and social needs ((“).

    I believe that status symbols (as Hollywood stars) have no price.

  • Interesting comparison. The iPhone is not really about a phone. iPhone is a lifestyle which will not go head-to-head with other handsets.

  • The above comment is correct. The choice is almost a pure lifestyle play. That damn little rat has been making my week hell since the kids keep seeing the poster everywhere. The rat wins. For the suave single guys I’m sure they’ll be checking out the old iPhone this weekend.