The iPhone box office

The iPhone and Ratatouille are opening on the same day (tomorrow, if you haven’t heard) here in the U.S. Ratatouille currently has a 93 on Metacritic; the iPhone lags behind that a bit, with a 73.75 on Valleywag. First showing of the iPhone is 6:00 PM; Ratatouille shows as early as 10:30 AM in San Francisco (with a midnight showing tonight, as well).

I wonder what the opening box office will be? Apple would have to sell 117,643 of the higher-priced ($599) iPhones to beat the opening weekend box office of The Incredibles ($70,467,623) — that seems possible. Will the iPhone open bigger than Ratatouille? Only one of them has line-ups.

It’s a classic Hollywood Launch — but inverted, since the iPhone’s marketing is far better than Ratatouille’s (“rat-a-too-ee” — ugh). You could say the only thing missing are the movie stars, but then, the iPhone doesn’t have any, either.