Web 2.0 at the European Parliament

Ajit Jaokar wrote in to tell us about the talk he gave about Web 2.0 at the European parliament’s EIF foundation. He notes, “The EIF foundation is a subgroup within the European parliament concerned with Internet issues. The audience is normally MEPs (Members of European parliament). I was invited to speak on Web 2.0, Mobile Web 2.0 and beyond. See the full text of my talk here.”

It’s interesting to see that Web 2.0 interest is reaching into government bodies like these. I remember when I started my career of technology advocacy back in the early 90’s, talking about the commercialization of the Internet, and was invited to address the staff at the House of Representatives. Similarly, I remember in the late 90s, when I got a flurry of requests to talk to government bodies about open source software. Not much seems to happen as a result of these investigations, at least not at first, but eventually the ideas do start to catch on. Government is definitely a follower, not a leader, but they do start to pay attention about 30-40% of the way up the hype curve, so this is a sign that Web 2.0 still has a ways to go.

Ajit also noted that in his talk he used some of the ideas from <a href=http://kamlabhattshow.com/blog/2007/05/26/podcast-interview-tim-oreilly-on-web-20/a recent interview I did with Kamala Bhatt. ( Ajit also put up a summary of the main points from the interview.) I’d forgotten about this interview, which I did after my keynote at TieCon a few weeks ago. We covered a lot of ground! Kamala set out for a five minute podcast and we ended up going for about twenty.