Yahoo! Releases Zurfer: Mobile Flickr World-Explorer


Zurfer is a mobile Flickr viewer that is location-aware. The prototype was developed at Yahoo’s Berkley Research Center. As Mor Naaman describes it:

First and foremost, Zurfer is a social application, allowing you to keep track of the latest photos from your contacts, get recent comments, comment on photos, and more. More interestingly, though, Zurfer is a location-based application. Zurfer takes location input, or turns to ZoneTag’s location capabilities to determine your location. Based on that location, Zurfer shows recent photos from your area as well as automatically-computed “Local Highlights” (using TagMaps data). Zurfer will even show your own past photos from that location.

Lastly, what we are most excited about is that Zurfer is also a very personal application (after all, it occupies critical space on your shiny phone). Care to see photos of graffiti around you, anywhere you go? Add a channel with that tag to your Zurfer main page.


Zurfer is free, but to use it you’ll need a smartphone, a Flickr account, and a ZoneTag account (if you don’t have a ZoneTag account, Zurfer will create it for you during the sign-up). I don’t have a phone Zurfer will work on, but if I were in a new area I think that I would get a lot of value out of being able to get additional info it this way.

It’s impressive how much research work from Yahoo! is focused on Flickr’s location data. ZoneTag, a mobile Flickr uploader that added tags based on your location, came out about a year ago. TagMaps (Radar post) creates a geographic viewer of interesting photos came out in January. I hope they tackle Upcoming’s data next.

Update: You don’t need a ZoneTag account ahead of time, Zurfer will create one for you during the install.

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