Update: Firefox vs. IE in O'Reilly Network Logs

In April of 2005, I posted an entry on Firefox vs. IE in O’Reilly Network Logs, in which I noted that Firefox represented 35% of access, up from 19% the year before, and that IE was down from 75 to 54%. The other day, a reader who identified himself only as Phillip asked for an update. I forwarded his request on to Andrew Odewahn, the director of the O’Reilly Network, who let me know that as of last month, Firefox passed IE, with 46% of all access to O’Reilly sites, vs IE’s 45%. Here’s Andrew’s chart, which also shows the uptake of IE7 and a bounce in “other browsers” (Apple’s Safari?):

Graph showing browser access to oreillynet.com

Here are Andrew’s notes on the graph:

  • The vertical axis represents the share of visitors by browser type
  • Data covers all O’Reilly Media domains that use hitbox (O’Reilly Network, oreilly.com, make, etc)
  • The thick blue line at the top represents all IE browser versions. Starting from around 50%, IE’s share has fallen to ~45%.
  • The red line is Firefox. It’s gained ground steadily, and is now just ahead of IE.
  • The dotted lines represent specific versions of IE; unfortunately, we don’t have visibility into the different versions of Firefox. The dotted orange line is IE 6. The sharp drop at the end of 2006 is most likely due to the release of IE 7 (the dotted green line) on October 18, 2006. Just from eyeballing the chart, about 12% of our visitors switched from IE 6 to IE 7 in the 2.5 months from mid October to January. Adoption of IE 7 has tapered off since the start of 2007.
  • The thin blue line (around 10%) is the “All Others.” I find it interesting that it dipped below 10% for a while, but has started picking up again.

Update: A number of people asked for more detail on “Others,” so I just put up another post listing stats for Opera and Safari.