Grandma definitely gets MySpace

A popular piece of advice teens are given about sharing their lives online in places like MySpace is “don’t put up anything that you wouldn’t want your grandma to see“.

So I was rather amused to learn today that my wife’s grandmother has been offering some rather frank advice to several of her granddaughters about the quality of their MySpace pages (in particular, what “message” some of their pictures and postings might be sending to members of the opposite sex). I can only imagine the degree of mortification that followed.

I wonder how many people on the receiving end of that advice realize how accurate it is actually becoming. There’s been a lot of talk on the Radar backchannel about a recent upsurge in Facebook adoption (some of that anecdotal, some of it based on an uptick in press coverage), but hearing about the grandmother scenario playing out so close to home (actually, in Wichita, KS) has certainly underscored to me the notion that we’re nearing an inflection point for social networking.