iPhone Hacking: Step-by-Step

iphone terminal

I got an iPhone. I love it. There are definitely issues (like the lack of multi-person SMS and search), but overall it is a really great product. I do have to admit that my purchase was in some ways a leap of faith. I am trusting that Apple will add those features in time and that they will open up the platform… or someone else will for them.

And they have. Programs like iFuntastic are available to let someone connect to their iPhone and install apps. Luckily, if you screw up you always just restore via iTunes to the original settings with a little data loss. If you are interested in exploring this option at this early stage iPhone Cental has a step-by-step guide to using the iPhone Hacking Kit (download). It was written by Ben Long and came about because Chris Breen, who just wanted to have iPhone screenshots in his upcoming iPhone book.

[via O’Reilly’s Mac Dev Center blog; screenshot from iPhone Central]

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