Opening up the Social Network Graph

LiveJournal founder Brad Fitzpatrick and Open Source Awards winner David Recordon just posted a manifesto titled “Thoughts on the Social Graph”. Brad and David presented their work at Foo Camp and have been sharing it with interested parties over the last couple of months.

Their project attempts to solve the problem of multiple overlapping social networks. This overlap makes it harder to establish new sites, as people tire of rebuilding networks on each social networking site. As a non-profit and opensource project, it aims to be vendor-neutral and usable by all vendors.

Brad sums it up:

Users and developers alike are going crazy. There’s too many social networks out there to keep track of. Developers want to make more, and users want to join more, but it’s all too much work to re-enter your friends and data. We need to lower the amount of pain for both users and developers and let a thousand new social applications bloom.

All I can say is: finally!

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