Wil Wheaton Keynote at PAX

Chris Adamson wrote on the O’Reilly editors’ backchannel:

Just listened to Wil Wheaton‘s PAX 2007 keynote [mp3]… awesome stuff. The big point is to establish video
gaming as a social activity, calling back to the arcade and NES glory
days of his youth and following through to online gaming and playing
Guitar Hero with his teen stepkids today.

This is an important observation. Putting the social back in computing is one of the major trends today. Social networking sites, social messaging applications like twitter and jaiku (with Jaiku especially amping up the phone as a social platform), social gaming, even social office applications (that is, after all, one of the major points of online office applications like Google docs and spreadsheets.)…. What other areas of computing are about to surprise us with the obvious, by adding a social dimension back in?

I wonder if they’ll talk about social gaming at this year’s Microsoft Social Computing Symposium or will just stick to the usual suspects?