SmugMug Quickly Implements XFN


SmugMug, the family-owned photo-sharing site, quickly implemented XFN and FOAF yesterday after hearing about SixApart’s post on Opening the Social Graph (Radar post). CEO Don MacAskill announced on his SmugBlog that “150K SmugMug accounts now have auto-discoverable FOAF, embedded XFN, and are OpenID endpoints..”

As he told me in email “Every SmugMug customer’s homepage is now not only an OpenID endpoint (been that way for ~6 months or so), but includes XFN embedded in the relevant links (plus discoverable using the HEAD profile) and an auto-discoverable FOAF link.” You can see it on Don’s SmugMug page.

Have any other companies taken (or plan to) the XFN plunge b/c of SixApart’s openness? Put it in the comments.