Platial acquires Frappr

In Brady’s CFP for Where 2.0 he mentions the emerging importance of the Geoindex. In the — to my knowledge — first consolidation in the social mapping space, Platial is acquiring Frappr. Platial’s community generated place data together with Frappr’s personal location data combines into a larger geoindex allowing for a more personalised mapping environment.

Talking with Platial’s CEO Di-Ann Eisnor, she mentions that they plan to integrate the functionality within the next months, and allow you to filter the place data based on your peers in Frappr groups. The combined sites have more than 100 million data points, 15 million unique visitors per month with 4 million maps created.

Advertisement with any user generated content is difficult, and I think that the increased reach and ability to target the ads to users locations and interests create a better proposition for advertisers. With an estimated 25% reach of all map widgets, Platial should become a larger player in the location related advertisement. Perhaps partly based on the ad network and technology provided by Mappam?