Web2Summit: Pre-weekend Humor From the Senior Set

It’s a young crowd at the Web 2.0 Summit. I’m in my mid-40s and I feel unconscionably old here. Safa Rashtchy ran a session this afternoon in which he interviewed a half-dozen Baby Boomers, the generation in this country with most of the money, the generation the developers here need to know more about. Most of the panelists have adult children. The implicit message to the audience was, “Hello — you have to create something your parents can use.”

The lack of technical acumen across the panel, at least when compared to the alpha geeks in the audience, made the crowd laugh, sometimes sweetly, sometimes with condescension. It was, at times, like watching an embarrassing YouTube video onstage. (We’ll get to one of those soon, don’t worry.)

Several members of the Radar team furiously typed their favorite quotes from the panel. And, as a Friday afternoon gift to our readers, we’ll share them with you, in part because we never knew that Craigslist was such a useful parenting tool:

“I am so much more educated because of Craigslist. I learned things that I never thought I would learn.”

“I look at Craigslist every day. I look for jobs for my son, for my daughter.”

“You can find anything on Craigslist, even a wife for my son”

“The ads, they pop up, I wanna get rid of ’em.”

“You look for a medication and you wind up on a photo-renting website.”

“I love eBay. I can start out looking for electronics and wind up looking at jewelry. There are things on there I didn’t realize are for sale.”

“I would like a checkbox that would let me specify no-ads for the whole Internet.”

Wanna see two of the panelists? OK.

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