Web2Summit: TechCrunch pre-announces Murdoch/Myspace Conversation

It was amusing to see Techcrunch’s coverage of John Battelle’s conversation with Rupert Murdoch and Chris DeWolfe go up before Rupert or Chris have even talked about the things that were supposedly “announced” at the conference.

Meanwhile, no mention of the news that was announced, at the get-go, that the MySpace founders have signed a new two-year earnout.

I also got a pre-briefing from Chris DeWolfe, but it didn’t seem appropriate to publish the contents up front just in order to get a scoop.

TechCrunch does an impressive job of getting the scoop, but there’s something a bit deceptive about posting the results of a pre-interview as if it were actually what was announced on stage.

(As I publish this entry, Chris is just starting to get into the platform discussion with John…)

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