Dopplr's Berlin Release: Trip Pages and a Coincidence Feed

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Dopplr, the traveler’s social network, punctuates its releases with conferences. Today they are announcing the Berlin release to coincide with the Web 2.0 Expo Berlin. In it they are including a number of features that they have trickled out since their last release (Amsterdam to coincide with Picnic). In it they are releasing trip pages, a blog badge (viral marketing), and a coincidences feed.


As a Dopplr user it’s the coincidence feed that I am happiest to be gaining. Instead of seeing the travels of all my friends it limits it to just the trips where my friends and I overlap (for example until I did this post I had no idea that Schuyler Erle, geo-expert I consult frequently would be there). Dopplr is made for serendipity. Letting me reduce the flow of information to the most essential was a great design decision (dear facebook news feed team, please observe).

dopplr trip page

The trip pages are also a useful new feature (see CTO Matt Biddulph Berlin trip page above). It will aggregate Flickr photos from that period, connect to Upcoming (if appropriate), and remind me who else was there. My favorite feature is the fun and gratuitous sparkline that shows your travel at that time. Dopplr definitely keeps things fun.

Dopplr’s still in a closed Beta. If you’ve been wanting to try it check to see if your company or MBA school is part of the Dopplr 100 program.

Simple, fun, and aggregating my content together — Dopplr continues to be a useful web app. I want more apps that use my data and my friend’s data to make smart observations that I can use.

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