Flickr Places Shows Chicken Around the World



Flickr’s soon-to-be-released Places (Radar post) feature will let you explore countries and cities in a new way. You’ll also be able to search for interesting photos by tag in its place. The screenshots above show chicken in China and the United States. You can really see the cultural differences.

I received these screenshots from Rev Dan Catt. He’s got an examination of beautiful across six countries on Flickr.

This post is somewhat apropos as I am in China right now. So far it’s very random what sites I can get to and what I can’t. I can get to Flickr, but quite often images won’t load; I can’t get to the Flickr blog. I can get to Google, but can’t get on the Wikipedia entry I want to read. I couldn’t actually get to Dan’s blog (link above), but I could reach the Apple Store to get podcasts

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