Tribute to honor Jim Gray on May 31st, 2008 at UC Berkeley

Tribute to honor Jim Gray

A tribute to honor Jim Gray will be held on May 31st, 2008 at UC Berkeley. The general session is open to all, followed by a technical session reviewing a small fraction of Jim’s lasting contributions. Registration is required to attend the technical session.

General Session Program 9:00am – 10:30am, Zellerbach Hall

  • Opening Remarks – Joe Hellerstein
  • A Tribute, Not a Memorial: Understanding Ambiguous Loss – Pauline Boss
  • The Search Effort – Mike Olson
  • Jim’s Impact on Berkeley – Mike Harrison
  • Jim as a Mentor: Colleagues – Pat Helland
  • Jim as a Mentor: Faculty and Students – Ed Lazowska
  • Why Jim Got the Turing Award – Mike Stonebraker
  • Jim’s Contributions to Industry I – David Vaskevitch
  • Jim’s Contributions to Industry II – Rick Rashid

Technical Session Program 11:00am – 5:30pm, Wheeler Hall (Registration is required)

  • IBM/Transaction Processing – Bruce Lindsay
  • Tandem/Fault Tolerance –
  • Development & Effect of TPC/A Benchmark – David DeWitt
  • DEC, Architecture, Memex and More – Gordon Bell
  • Writing the Transaction Processing book: “Is There Life After Transaction Processing?” – Andreas Reuter
  • The Adventure in Russia and the Terra Server – Tom Barclay
  • The Sloan Digital Sky Survey – Alex Szalay
  • World Wide Telescope Project – Curtis Wong
  • Undersea Data Collection & Sharing – Jim Bellingham
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