Fast Forward for December 29th, 2007

  • I would buy more music if my iPhone held more music. I wonder how much
    demand is suppressed only by device capacity.
  • I can’t believe Leno and company aren’t turning to the Internet for jokes.
    A little Digg-style interface for submitted jokes and an on-air namecheck
    and away you go. Submit ten jokes that get used on the air and we’ll fly
    you to Hollywood for a job interview. Done.
  • Katie Hafner is wrong; it’s not personal attention that makes the Apple
    Stores work. It’s making computer users
    feel smart. There are few enough choices that anyone can reasonably
    understand them. The people are approachable enough that anyone can
    talk to them. The aesthetic is open and clean and, above all, simple.
    None of those words are usually associated with computers. The Apple
    Stores teach people that even they can use computers, and that expands
    the market.
  • Virgin America is great and all, but there’s something downright unpleasant
    about flying an airline with “Beta” software on it. I mean come on. I got
    Red to crash — reboot! — very reliably by switching rapidly between
    the maps and the
    media player. The DirecTV thing said “your receiver has not yet been
    authorized” and then asked if I wanted “immediate upgrade without a
    call” for a
    premium channel (certainly!). One of the games (Rocks ‘n’ Diamonds) told
    me that my
    username was root. Really?
  • My wife got all rank with the iTunes Music Store for not letting her move
    music from one of her computers to another. “Try Amazon,” I told her, and
    that was that, no more iTMS for her. The true idiocy of the RIAA is that
    they’ve made DRM simple enough for everybody to understand why they don’t
    want it.
  • My friends keep joining GoodReads, but my heart still lies with LibraryThing. Come on, peoples!