The Seattle Start-Up Index

seattle index

The Seattle Start-up index tracks the traffic ups and of local startups and sites. There are 231 companies in the Index. To belong the company /site must be based in the Puget Sound area, be less than 5 years old, and be a technology company. The index ranks sites with the average of its Alexa and Compete score — flawed, but still gives us something to work with

The sixth month of the index was just released and there are a number of interesting things to note:

  • iLike is at the top of the chart. Their Facebook app has really benefitted them. They first reached the top in May.
  • Intelius, number 2, is a people search and background checker site.
  • Picnik is #16 — before their integration with Flickr. I expect them to be in the top ten next month.
  • 43Things is the top site from the Robot Coop. 43Places comes in at #35.
  • SEOMoz, demonstrating the desire for a better understanding of SEO/SEM, enters at #5.
  • Noonhat, the hobbyist lunch site, comes in at 116 — higher than many funded sites. Update: From the comments I learned that Infinite Hoops, a site for finding basketball pickup games, is at 115 and is also unfunded.
  • Zumobi (formerly ZenZui), the mobile UI site, Invitastic (from Jackson Fish Market), and Faves (formely BlueDot) were the big gainers this month.

The index is maintained by Sampa CTO and founder Marcelo Calbucci (whom I used to work with at MSN (not Live yet) Search). Sampa provides tools for creating your own website. They’ve recently added genealogy tools.