Mainstream acceptance of Twitter for disaster communication…

I’m stuck at San Francisco Airport due to delays from the big storm yesterday. A few minutes ago a plane was struck by lightning at the gate which caused quite a bit of excitement. Planes are designed to take a lightning strike and apparently it happens all the time. They took off after a quick check by the pilot and ground crew. (I hope the rest of their flight is otherwise uneventful!)

I wanted to pass on a few disaster preparedness tips from fellow Emergency Manager W. David Stephenson (earlier Radar post). David is working to educate the mainstream public about using services like Twitter during disasters with a series of YouTube videos like this one:

I have many thoughts about this, but they just started boarding my flight (24 hours late!)… more to come.

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  • Maybe Twitter will find a business model after all: grants from Motherland Security!

  • Blip’d is planning to introduce emergency broadcasting system for internet video that will be local, regional and worldwide even. It’s hard to believe until you see it, because soon, everyone is going to get blipd!

  • I hope Twitter engineers consider this and have an infrastructure scaling solution that will provide adequate level of service during disasters.

    Seems like an Amazon EC2 model would work that it would only be deployed as needed and add Amazon EC2 instances to the load balancer as needed.

    Not sure what their data is stored on.

  • In an event that cuts power, data lines, and clogs cell phone networks, no amount of scalability will help.

    The hams will still be in business, of course.

  • I never understood and still not understand why people tell the world, that they got home 5 mins ago…
    there ist nothing more senseless than to twitter around. it´s near to nihilism

  • Funny, the video does not work for me – is that nonsense?!

  • Nice video – W. David Stephenson is a funny guy…