Concurrency Summit in Mountain View

Next Friday, March 7th, O’Reilly is holding a summit on concurrency at Google’s Mountain View campus. We’ve invited a number of people from the Foo network (“friends of O’Reilly”) to talk about their work and research in concurrent/parallel development, in software and hardware, in commercial, academic, and free contexts. There’s an enormous amount of work pouring into this space right now, as multiprocessor machines become the norm, and small improvements in concurrency techniques can result in significant performance gains. We’re aiming for a mental map of the concurrency space, a cross-pollination of ideas and solutions, and connections between developers who might not meet in the ordinary course of their work. I’m particularly looking forward to it, because a key focus of my work on Parrot over the past few months has been designing and implementing the concurrency model. If you have an innovative approach to concurrency and would like to join us, contact me at allison {at} oreilly {dot} com.