Interview with Linus Torvalds

The second half of the Linux Foundation interview with Linus Torvalds went up today. Several interesting perspectives on patents, competition, innovation, community building, target markets, and the future of Linux.

If you’re looking for hope that Linux will focus more on the desktop market, look no further:

“I have never, ever even run a Linux server and I don’t even want to; it’s not what I’m interested in. I’m more of a desktop guy. I’ve always used Linux as a workstation person.”

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  • pjm

    (1..9).each {|year|
    puts “200#{year} : *the* year of linux on the desktop!!!”

  • There’s a lot of effort going on in the Linux Desktop department, especially since Ubuntu hit the mainstream.

    I wasn’t very convinced that Linux would ever gain momentum as a “Joe ‘Average’ User” desktop O/S, but the recent progress at the semiannual Ubuntu releases give hope.

  • Hard to believe, they did NOT think to link to Part One of the Audio.

    Here is the page where one can access both Parts – including both audio mp3s and both transcripts

  • Tim

    I just switched to Ubuntu last week and I love it. Heaps better than Vista and it has everything you need. All for a great price – free!

  • Tim, you switched to Ubuntu for your workstation? I use Ubuntu on a server of mine and it works good, but I have never seen it working on a pc at home. There I prefer Windows, because I`m used to it.

  • Learning Linux isn’t easy, but it’s getting easier all the time, and as more people make the switch to avoid being roped into Windows Vista, it can only get better. Our business switched to Ubuntu Linux half a year ago, and we are very happy with it.

  • great webside, I wasn’t very convinced that Linux would ever gain momentu?

  • I just started to use Ubuntu on my home pc. If you have a little knowledge in linux, its very easy to handle. I’m a freak for customization, so its very cool to build my own set with Ubuntu. Thank you