Jim Cramer, unplugged [MoneyTech]

Those who know Jim Cramer only from the final segment on his nightly CNBC screamfest are missing someone as reasonable as he is entertaining. That more balanced Cramer spoke with Money:Tech conference chair Paul Kedrosky this morning about how technology has changed investing. Kedrosky noted that, compared to 20 years ago, “we’re all quants today” because we have so much more information. Cramer characterized it as a move from the anecdotal to the empirical.

Cramer also made compelling cases for the superiority of Bloomberg terminals (an argument that Marketcetera’s Graham Miller is countering in a session right now), the eventual demise of sell-side research at the hands of Google, and the indispensibility of the websites Implode-o-Meter and Seeking Alpha. When he moved on to stockpicking, his metier, Cramer said, simply, not to buy tech stocks: “tech has become too dangerous to recommend.”